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Please read the following waiver carefully and sign at the bottom: As a participant at CrossFit Untouchable, I understand and I have been informed that my voluntary participation in fitness programs and special events including, but not limited to, the use of weights, number of repetitions and use of any and all equipment, all apparatus designed for exercising and the associated facilities shall be the participants sole responsibility during all times of fitness training participation and use. I also understand and have been informed that participation in any of the events noted above does pose the risk of serious injury or other adverse health consequences, including death. I agree to self limit my exertion through good judgment and to terminate any physical activity immediately, if it exceeds my personal limitations, whether or not it exceeds the activity level recommended by the staff or prescribed by my physician. I hereby consent to, and permit emergency medical treatment in the event of any injury or illness. I understand and assume the risk of injury and other adverse health consequences, including death, if I exceed the exercise and dietary guidelines recommended by my physician. I understand it is my responsibility to seek and to continue to receive medical evaluations from my personal physician to determine if there are any medical conditions or injuries that could limit my participation in fitness or health promotion activities. I agree to notify the staff of changes in health status, physical injuries, pregnancy, hospitalizations, surgery or additional physical and medical limitations, or additions/changes in medication recommended by my physician that may affect my participation in fitness or health promotion activities. I understand that for any new medical conditions or injuries noted above, written consent from my personal physician may be required prior to resuming activities. I understand my activities may be modified. In consideration for my participation in fitness programs, special events, and exercise activities, I voluntarily assume the risk of any injury, loss and/or adverse health consequence. I for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assignees, hereby release CrossFit Untouchable and their officers, directors, employees and their affiliated entities from any and all claims, liabilities or demands of any kind arising from any injury, loss or adverse health consequence, including death, related to my participation in fitness or health promotion activities, except to the extent resulting from its or their negligence or willful misconduct. Subject to these conditions, I affirm that I have read, understand and agree to the terms set forth above and I wish to participate in fitness and/or health promotion programs, exercise activities and special events. PHOTO RELEASE: I understand the possibility that my photograph may be taken while at CrossFit Untouchable, and authorize that it may be posted in the gym, on the website, or any other CrossFit Untouchable medium.

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